Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And Now For Somthing Completely Different....

A little "Before," A little "In Progress," here is a little history of the work on "Lucile House."

Living Room "Before."

Dining Room "Before." Lovely.
Ceiling is OUT!

Back wall in the Dining Room popped out, this was the closet in the back with access from outside only with the water heater. A French Door will go here!
Corner Kitchen Pony Wall = No more cavey kitchen. Now we just need to tear out those overbearing dark laminate cabinets and throw a bucket of yellow paint at it!
Whitewashed ceiling planks ready to go. Brian and I painted them by hand, they are lovely, even just sitting in a pile.
Got the flooring delivered! 5" wide Maple Planks with a Natural finish - these self-install, yes?
Brian's To Do List on the wall next to the hall "Tool and Paint" Closet.
Heather's 1/2 Shop "Before" 1:
Heather's 1/2 Shop "Before" 2:
And the Two are One! Full of southern exposure light. Brian took this wall down on his own and encountered some interesting electrical challenges and a standpipe for the faucet on the outside of the house sticking out into the room. Steve, The Wonder Contractor took care of them both for us at a steal.
Framing out of Sophie's window for her future Window Seat. The guys call it a "Bumpout." They don't know how appropriate that is to Sophie's history, creating a giant "bumpout" on me before she was born!!!
Sophie's wall cut out for the Window Seat. Ack! Really noisy, but carpenter Jason here seems to know what he's doing...
Oh. that's better! The window is arriving this week, but already is is so cool, nice and deep and high and well insulated, it will be such a great place for Sophie to hang out!
Back to the main rooms; Steve calls this "Floating Truss." He was saying that as we were deciding what to do around the corner of where the bathroom lid is, and I just nodded and smiled. Now I get it. And I like it!
French Doors, ahhhhhhhhh.
Let the Planking begin! Brian and work buddies Ron and Nick blasted out nearly the entire ceiling in one Sunday!
It's going to be absolutely gorgeous!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Here You Go, Mom!

Okay, mom, here you go! In no particular order, some Sophie pics since you guys were here...

I think this is Sophie's first self portrait with my iThing:
No, I had nothing to do with this outfit. Except I did make the scarf, and I did tell her to put a hat on...
Sophie. Alllll Sophie.
Sophie and I made a Gingerbread House for Christmas. Turned out okay!
Still LOVES cupcakes!
Small fairy.
Busy fairy.
Got a writing desk from Nammy & Papa for Christmas.

Christmas morning with handmade scarves and head warmie from mom (whew!).
French Bingo, tres bien!!!
Christmas Eve downtown in the Ladybug Dress I made her. It's really cute. She's worn it ONCE.
Christmas Eve sat for a "Nutcracker" photo - I actually have a print of this I need to send you...
Christmas Eve Carousel ride!
Hungry fairy. Lots of fairies around here.
Baking Christmas cookies. Sophie had graduated to that place where she is acually really helpful in the kitchen!
Super stylin' at the playground - this photo looks like one of those sneaky pictures they take of celebrity's children. I could be famous....

Avec Pere Noel a La Fete de Noel a L'Alliance de Francaise. Sophie dit, "je veux un petit train, et une serviette de toilette rose."
Sophie and Teddybear with the first handmade scarves by mom.
With friends Hiram and Reuben at a playdate dinner making cookies.
Dance lessons at Spectrum Dance Theatre!
Swimmin', swimmin', swimmin'....lessons at Medgar Evers Pool.
Chocolate Ice Cream also still a favorite.
C'est tout!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Papa Time!

Sophie has become The Puzzle Master! Here she is exhibiting her skills with Papa.

Also, Sophie helps with watering the plants.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Beautiful Day in February

Simply gorgeous out today, so we headed to the Olympic Sculpture Park. It's one of those places that reminds me how beautiful our home is.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sophie loves 'em. Preferrably sauteed in butter, but raw is fine, too. Other parents of toddlers, read no further! Sophie also eats peas by the handful, lettuce with a sprinkle of kosher salt, mows through green beans raw or cooked, and requests broccoli often. The broccoli we beg her patience to wait while we steam it, as it takes her ten minutes to chew up the raw flowers! Elle adore les legumes!